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Dress Pants

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Short rise trousers (dress pants) are the key to comfort when one is 5'8" or shorter. The rise is the distance measured from the crotch of the pants to the top of the waistband. Wearing pants with a longer rise is the most common form of discomfort, immobility and frustration. Ideally one would pull up a pair of pants until the crotch of the pant meets with his crotch. Unfortunately, that means the waistband is above his waist, which will eventually fall to his natural waist. Once this happens the crotch of the pants are now lower than needs to be and begins the limit one's mobility. It's like putting on your dress shirt and only pulling up your sleeves only 85% of the way; leaving the sleeve slightly below your shoulder rather than matching at your armpit. Its uncomfortable and immobilizing. Add to that the unnecessary fullness found in a regular rise pant, giving you that "naked" feel and you have a really frustrating existence. Mr. Au designs his dress pants, naturally, in a short rise. His trousers are designed for maximum comfort and height enhancement. A trimmer leg combined with a shorter rise creates a longer leg line. Mr. Au's nonpleated (flat front) dress pants are most popular and comfortable. However, Mr. Au has also designed a pleated model with shallow pleats to allow just enough room in the hip for it to be comfortable and not baggy. His dress pants design are implemented in both his pants separates and suit pants.