For the better than average man


Come discover the original designer short men's clothing store. Welcome to Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under; a place where you'll find a flattering and height-enhancing collection of tailored and casual menswear that's designed to fit proportionally and comfortably in a relaxed and inviting shopping environment with friendly and professional service.


Located in the heart of Beverly Hills in the Golden Triangle, Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" and Under is the first and still the only designer clothing store for short men in the United States. At 3200 square feet, it's also the largest short men's clothing store of any kind in the nation. The store is specifically designed with the shorter client in mind making for a more enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience. Even our mannequins are custom molded at 5'8" to better display our collections. The store features a full service tailor shop including the ability to alter leather jackets. Our wardrobe consultants and tailors have been with us over 20 years and understand your needs. Jimmy Au's carries the largest range of sizes in tailored clothing and sportswear for short men in the U.S. We carry sizes exclusively for men under 5'5" and for men up to 5'8". No regular or long sizes here.


Jimmy Au is a pioneer and leader in the design and development of clothes for short and small men. Here you will find the world's first menswear collection where clothes for short men are not an afterthought of the mainstream market, but the purpose of its design and development.


Jimmy Au specializes in designing clothes to look, fit and feel more comfortable, fashionable and proportional by using a complimentary combination of high quality fabrics, flattering patterns, and relevant, proportional style details. Jimmy Au's has been an entertainment industry secret since 1982. Because of the height enhancing qualities of the Jimmy Au Collection, it is the preferred wardrobe choice of the television and film industry when it comes to fitting short actors and celebrities.


Nothing beats coming into the store, but if you can't make it in, we are happy to introduce to you our new online store. What you see online represents only a small part of the collection you would see shopping in the store, but it would at least give you a taste of what we do. Happy shopping and we hope to see you actually in the store one day!


Sincerely yours,
Alan Au


Alan poses with father Jimmy Au

Jimmy & Alan Au
Walking the streets in Beverly Hills California in Jimmy Au style

Beverly Hills Style
Sitting area at Jimmy Au's

Sitting Lounge & Fitting Area
Jimmy Au in Store

In Store